Why Do People Think Welcome Emails Are a Good Idea?

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Spoiler Alert! Because they are.

Welcome emails are THE most opened form of email marketing.

If you don’t have a welcome email set-up you are missing an important opportunity to introduce your brand, your philosophy and offer continued thanks and welcome to the people who are interested in hearing from you – they are super engaged because they’ve either just downloaded some of your content or clicked the sign-up button – make use of that!

For e-commerce stores, a welcome email provides a space to offer an incentive – eg 10-15% off their first order code to encourage sign-ups and while many people sign up just for the coupon, lots will stay on the list if you provide relevant, interesting updates that include yours and your customers stories as well as fun tips, testimonials, special offers and deals.

I’ve mentioned this already but I’ll say it again because it’s important, this is also the place where you thank them – they have a million other places they could choose. Also, after placing their first order or signing up for a newsletter, many consumers today expect a welcome email. If you aren’t sending one then you risk sending the message that you didn’t notice your new customer or that you simply don’t care. Is that the first impression you want to make?

When should I send a welcome email?

You should have a welcome email set-up to send immediately when a customer engages with you for the first time, scenarios include:

  • quote or pricing requests
  • downloads / lead-magnets
  • sign-up to your newsletter
  • sign-up to an account / placing an order

If you’re already sending a welcome email then take a minute to review it – does it need an update? Is there helpful information you could add in the footer? (links to FAQ, your about section, your returns policy etc)

Setting up your welcome email

These are my favourite tools for setting up welcome emails. All of these are suitable for use with WordPress, Shopify, Wix or Weebly sites.

Mailchimp offers a very simple welcome email set-up process.

Privy App is another one we use for Shopify clients.

Sumo App is great on WordPress sites and offers a lot of features in the free version.

All of these allow you to fully customise to match your branding as well as include welcome codes. It doesn’t take too long once you get started, so there’s really there’s no excuse.

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