Google to provide $575 million in COVID-19 relief credits for Google Ads customers [updated April 2020]

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If you’ve been an active advertiser on Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) since January 2019, then it sounds like you will receive a credit from Google.

Update: Who is eligible for the ad credit?

Small and medium sized businesses globally, who have spent with a Google Ads account in ten out of twelve months of 2019, and in January and/or February of this year. Eligible customers are those who advertised directly with us or through a partner, and adhere to our advertising policies.

The total amount they are crediting is US$340 million but no one knows how that will be divvied up. Eligible accounts “will see a credit notification appear in their Google Ads account in the coming months.”

Update: When will eligible customers receive the ad credit?

Starting in late May, we will begin rolling out the ad credit in phases. Over the following months, eligible customers will be notified and will see the ad credit applied in their Google Ads account.

All the available information we have to date, is available on this Google support page.

While I applaud Google for the initiative, there’s no expectation that the credit is something to rely on.

Your best bet during the lockdown phase and beyond is to demonstrate and underline your brand purpose and value. If you’re not sure what that is or how to articulate it, spend some time working on your brand position.

Your ultimate goal should not be just how to make money, now, more than ever, you should be aiming to create value for customers.

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