Digital Fairy Godmother Membership

Do you need a Digital Fairy Godmother to take care of the tech stuff and leave you free to focus on what makes your business money?

A website needs updating to ensure it remains relevant, contains fresh content and operates as expected.  Regular content revisions mean the site stays up to date and will assist it to rank well on Google. 

WordPress websites, in particular, run on software that must be kept up to date to ensure your website is not only safe from hacking but that the functions you rely on actually continue to work.

Redhead Digital’s DFG plan includes ongoing monthly maintenance so that you can relax and let the experts ensure that your website is operating at its peak, all day, every day.

JUST $49+GST per month – WHAT! You read that right.

Includes: 30 minutes of development time (non-cumulative) per month to complete software updates & backups, site backups, SEO fine-tuning or minor tweaks to content and images, Gsuite help – you get to choose what the time gets spent on each month. (that’s $127 of value for only $49!). 

Minimum sign-on term is 12 months.

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