Hi, I’m Louisa from Redhead Digital.

I work with established businesses that have taken their digital marketing as far as they can themselves, and are ready to invest in getting their website and digital channels out-performing their competition.

Sound like you?


Accreditations & Skills

I’m honest, hardworking and without pretense. I won’t tell you what you want to hear if it’s not the truth and I don’t speak in jargon to make myself sound fancy. I believe in exceeding expectations, delivering results and bring a positive attitude and contagious energy to each project.
I build mobile-friendly, responsive websites that focus on usability, SEO and conversion.

Of the squillion web design and online strategy firms that you could choose from, there’s very few that work like we do.

Redhead Digital is a digital agency that works with you to ensure you have a website and digital strategy based on your business goals and that they all align and work together for a maximum and measureable return on your investment.

Um, well… that’s not an ideal starting point, but it’s also not as unusual as you might think.

My holistic approach to your website and digital strategy enables me to work with you to take a moment to reevaluate the vision for your business, identify your weak spots and work out the best way to build your brand and tell your story in a way that people will react and relate to. Of course, if you have that side completely nailed already then I can simply crack into designing an amazing website or social plan.

Maybe you don’t – there are other means of reaching people online. If you do want to increase your customer numbers or your reach then talk to us.
Your Current Site Isn’t Performing:
Either you’re not getting the traffic or the traffic you are getting isn’t converting (or both). 

Mobile Responsiveness:
Google’s decision to penalize websites that aren’t mobile friendly from their rankings, means if you don’t have a responsive website, then you’re not going to be found.

Plus the overwhelming move to mobile browsing also mean that if your site doesn’t display in a useable way on mobiles then people will simply close it and move on to the next site that does.

Ugly & Hard to Use:
If your website has a few years on the clock since its last refresh, it’s a good bet it’s neither very user friendly or very pleasant to look at.